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Lessons from the Workplace: Performance and Behavior Guidelines.

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  • Learn the Lessons Technologies was created to provide a quick reference and tools for Learning Life's Lessons and to help others deal effectively with the day-to-day problems we encounter in our lives. 

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  • Use this site and the available texts as a reference point from which you can sort through your personal life lessons. Evaluate which ones you already understand and then consider others that may be interfering with your life, developing a list of lessons that are unique to you. Check back often for added links, volumes and other resources.

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  • There seems to be a void left by the educational system's teaching of only the three R's. In addition so many parents are working two and three jobs and many of you are single-parent households, offering little time or structure within which you can sit back to think things through. Learn the Lessons Technologies aims to simplify and condense your learning curve and to serve as a ready resource of support. 

  • By using this site; reading and pondering the Lessons Learned Series, you will be better equipped to separate the oftentimes painful feelings of your experiences from the lessons they are meant to teach you. You'll be mining for meaning in all of your experiences, and will unleash your hidden potentials. Unlocking the mysteries of your life can be such a wondrous experience of relief, healing and rebirth.

  • You will find that understanding the recurring themes in your life effects a positive and long-term transformation. The lessons serve as a path to personal enlightenment and illuminate all your future experiences. You'll connect to others through a humanitarian awareness of common ground.